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About the Artist:

David K Austin art is an expression of the modern world’s conflicts and joys. Kinetic energy, the quiet corners we all find, the reaction between nature and humanity and the exploration of the interactions between the conscious and unconscious minds. Often, David K Austin’s work is improvisational in nature and the mediums he chooses reflect the impulses of his muses: Acrylic paint, wasting sculptural and ceramic methods, modern materials such as foam board and metal sheets.

Manipulation of the modern world is his true calling and David K Austin’s work clearly demonstrates a mastery if modern expression. His aesthetic is timely and timeless as though humanities technology changes our emotive reactions do not. We are adaptive to a point and his art delves into the angles of this dichotomy.

Working in Northern Michigan for over 20 years his voice has become more refined and clear. Welcome to David Austin Gallery, stay a while…


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